Steve Turner

My name is Steve Turner, I am 24 years old and come from Aberdare, Wales which is in the UK.
I am currently employed by Groundwork in Merthyr RCT in Wales, and have come to Japan to spend 3 weeks in Fukuokas Groundwork office.  I hope to gain valuable experience in the culture of Japan before I go to university to study Japanese Studies in Sheffield and hopefully develop a fluency in the Japanese language before returning to Japan to hopefully live and work.
Groundwork as a whole are an organisation determined to make communities a better place to live.  Groundwork Fukuoka is no different, I love the idea of a `Barrier Free Society` and I hope that Groundworks from all over the world work together to make this a possibility.
My hobbies range from gaming, watching anime, watching Japanese dramas, listening to music and exploring new places.

2 thoughts on “Steve Turner

  1. Well done Steve. You will learn a great deal from great mentors, Otani-san and Kaori-san. How I envy you.Sayonara.Lynfa

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