Activities with blind children

On Sunday 16th of May Ootanisan and I, as well some Groundwork-members and other volunteers, we went to a blind school in Fukuoka called “fukuoka shikaku tokubetsu shiengakou”.

Our task was to prepare an assortment of activities between whichsoever the children could choose one. Afterwards we actually helped and supported them by their work.

The basis concept of the work was to beautify the herb garden and play field. And that is where the basis idea came to its own: that every child can choose a work which they feel able to do.

For example there was a group who freed the garden from weed, or another group excavated a small paddy field so that in autumn the rice can be harvested. Some of the children got to plant herbs and some of them got to construct paving stones on the ground therewith it becomes easier for the blind children to walk across the uneven floor.

The children were very bright and curious. They weren`t afraid of anything and gave things a try. Everything got be touched, grated, tapped and lifted. Besides they spoke a lot, comparatively more then other children, therewith the other blind kids got to know where they are and what they do current.

Even some of the blind children had not to be directed by hand, it was enough to make a noise while the child walked after.

After work we ate karei-raisu (Curry with Rice) and self-made bread and it was more delicious as usual because we kept working hard.

In the end the children drum group performed some fantastic plays.


written by Maya


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