During the holidays from the 1st to the 5th of May Mr. Otani, Ms. Saito, three other Students and me, we went to Joyo to help there the stuffs out. A part of us worked in “hotaru to ishibashi no yakata”, the “Firefly and Stonebridges Center” to greet the guests who came to visit the shop and to taste the famous first green-tea; of the season besides the green-tea-softcream of the shop is known for its delicious taste too.

The other part helped out in “furusato warabe kan” a Children’s Museum where a lot of families came to spend their leisure in the mountains of Yame. The children had a wide range of activities, for example they might to play German board games or “takeuma” (to walk on stilts) or they might to prepare self-made green-tea-icecream.

On the 2nd of May around 20 people came to Joyo to take part in an excursion to the green-tea-fields. I accompanied them. There we learned how to gather the young leaves from the shrub; later in a factory we learned how the leaves be processed into green-tea.


Although in Fukuoka-city the famous Goldenweek-festival “hakata-dontaku” took place on the 3rd and 4th a lot of people came to Joyo-machi to attend the freetime-range of Groundwork, hotarutoishibashinoyakata and furusatowarabekan. Maybe they wanted to be off the beaten track. And actually it was a pleasurable and untroubled vibe.

written by Maya




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