Maya Goette

My name is Maya Goette and I am 20 years old. I am from Donaueschingen, a small city in Germany and I will study Culturale Administration in october of this year. But before, I decided to go to Japan for four months doing an internship by Groundwork Fukuoka.
I am interested in Japanese culture, its traditions and customs and as well in its society and language.
My mother is Japanese, due to this I got to know a little bit about this country. But my aim is to learn more about the culture and as well to improve my language skills.
I came to Groundwork Fukuoka because I like to work with people and to arrange projects and events. Among others, I worked with challenged person in the past therefore I am especially interested in projects with those people.
I think the motto and goal of Grounwork Fukuoka “A barrier-free society in a real sense” is a good way to develop a healthy and improved environment for humans and also to develop nature consciousness.
I hope I can gain a lot of experiences and have a informative time here in Fukuoka.

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