Urban Landscape Workshop Part I

On 1/23 children and adults from Joyo Town gathered at the Firefly and Stone Bridge Centre for the first of 5 urban landscape workshops organized by Groundwork Fukuoka.

Being concerned about the distinctive and invaluable landscape of Joyo Town, Groundwork Fukuoka tries through these workshops to improve together with the residents the conditions for the inheritance of an intact nature in the future.

After an introduction by Mr. Otani, concerning today’s work and the activities of Groundwork Fukuoka in general, 3 groups were formed. Each of these groups had to create a treasure map of Kitagawachi. In each group adults and children worked together hand in hand to achieve an “ideal” map. After this hard work, the children presented the achievements of their group.

During this workshop the children developed a passion for their hometown and its landscape and were all into the creation of a treasure map to make the first step to a better Joyo Town.

Thanks to Mr. Otani, who could perfectly pique the children’s interest for this workshop from the very beginning, and the staff members of Fukuoka Groundwork, who supported the groups with their advices, everybody had a lot of fun during the workshop.




Mr. Otani examines a group’s work




Children working with high interest on their treasure map



Adults and children working together hand in hand



Presenting the group and their achievements


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