A Sunday in Jouyou

Last Sunday, 18 October, the Groundwork team went to Jouyou early in the morning in order to help Rie-san with the gardening. After an hour ride by car, we arrived in Jouyou to join the Groundwork members already working the greenery. Without much hesitation we confided ourself to Rie-sans direction and started to mow the lawn, to cut the hedges, and to weed the flower beds of the Welsh Country Garden.

The day was an extraordinarily beautiful autumn day so that we barely notice how the time passed by. Until noon we needed only one short break with a cup of oishii green tea to keep the spirits high. After the first tasks were accomplished, some of us made a huge fire to burn the weed and to grill some imo (sweet potatoes) in the glow. Though this caused a force break for those working in on the fower beds due to the enormous clouds of smoke it was a really exciting and fun experience for all of us. For lunch we had a very nice oden with onigiri and miso soup giving us the energy to continue our work during the afternoon. I found it especially interesting as I had many encounters with animals I have never seen before such as frogs resembling grasshoppers (and behaving ike them), praying mantis in action (and inaction) as well as loads of other animals not very common in Europe.

Around three o’clock we called it a day and enjoyed the beauty of the Jouyou site as well as the taste of grilled imo. I also took some moments to climb down to the riverbank (KAWA?), taking a short sunbath while having the best macha ice ever. What a nice way to finish a beautiful and interesting outdoor day!

Only Rie-san cannot stop working 🙂


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