Slow Food Event in Kurume

On Monday, the 12 of October, there was a Slow Food Event in Kurume. Together with staff from Groundwork Fukuoka, Kazimir and me went to help there. It started at 10 o`clock. Many tents were pitched in front of the station so a lot of people could smell the tasty food and came to enjoy. Our tent offered different biological products from Joyo, for example the high quality class Green tea, dried mushrooms, hot manju, tasty obentos and a lot more…Kazimir and me made good salesmen. We prepared us with trays and shared out the famous Green tea  from Joyo [Irasshaimase, Ocha douzo]. Everybody tasted it and wanted to buy one little packet. We tried to talk a lot in Japanese to the customers. They were very interested in biological cultivation and we explained our aims with enthusiasm. Till 12 o` clock all obentos were solded,  we got very proud. During a short rest Kazimir and me enjoyed the event and tried Okonomiyaki, Japanese savoury pancake containing a variety of ingredients ( totemo oishikatta…….!!!) It was a nice atmosphere to work there because all tents had a good communication with one another so Kazimir an me really enjoyed the day. 

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