Autumn Festival at Joyo Warabekan


-Making traditional Tofu

-Self-made Konnyaku

-Preparing Potato Manju         

-Making vine basekts


If you want to part in please call reception till 11 am

Costs:       500 Yen


Exhibition and Sale corner

-Enjoy the tasty Yame Green tea at Oboru Dream Teehouse

-Chakabuki ( works of the art ceramic house)


18th Mountainbike& Kids Race Warabekan                  


Time: 10:00-15:00


Originally the training center was a rural elementary school in mountainous area with history goes back more than100 years.

Today the classrooms are used for workshop for example making traditional food like Tofu or self-made Konnyaku. Near center there is

the huge Arch bridge (height 70m, length 293m) where you can take advantage of the beautiful view of Mt.Unzen Fugen-dake and Ariakekai-sea area.

Enjoy together with your family the gorgeous panorama of landscape, where clear water flows from mountain village while the sun appears from behind the clouds.


Date:                            (Sun) 2009/11/1

Time:                           10:00 – 15:00 (also in case of rain)

Costs:                          No fees (excepting workshop participants)

        If you want to join please call reception, number of participants is limited

Place:                          Furusato Warabekan, Yame (Trainingscenter),Former Shimoyokoyama Elementary School

Adress:                        No.3696 Shimoyokoyama , Joyo machi, Yame         

Contact:                      Tel. 090-4775-4334



Access:                         By car:

                                     Kyushu Higway Yame IC exit

                                     Turn left on the 3rd traffic light after passing toll gate.

                                     After 20 min you will arrive Joyo machi center.

                                     Turn left at the Daize intersection, after 15 min you will arrive meeting point


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