Reconditioning Day at Blind School Herb Garden

On Saturday, the 21th of November we start our footpath project at Blind School Herb Garden in Chikoshino, Fukuoka. We are planning to create a special pathway for blind pupils or pupils with visual impairment. Each crossway will be identified with special braille blogs or coloured marks, so it is easier for pupils to pass there and they might become more self-confident on their way.

To prettify the garden atmosphere we continue our program with making wooden bench and a pergola, a garden feature forming a shaded walk of pillars that supports vine drops that we planted last year.

Afterwards we are working at the biotope. There are lots of plants, which get labeled by braille so everybody is able to read the information around the herb garden. This activity is very important to give disabled people the chance for a better life without barriers.


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