The 7th Moon Viewing Festival

On Sunday, the 4th of October we went to Joyo town to join the 7th moon viewing festival. In this night the moon princess showed her most beautiful face over the landscape of Joyo.Together with students and volunteers from Asahi Nihongo School we arrived at 13.30 at Furusato Warabekan, the children’s museum to make some preparations for the evening event.

First we put up many coloured lanterns and arranged them around the rolling hills to create a nice atmosphere. Each lantern got prepared with stones to weight them down.

Our program started at 18:00. Many children and adults came to enjoy the festival outside. When darkness came we lightened up the lanterns and took advantage of the beautiful moon viewing. The area seemed like a smooth carpet full of lights.Children also enjoyed making the traditional Tsukimi Dango (small rice dumplings), everybody tasted it [oishiiiiiiiiii!!!!]

At 19:00 it was time for “Adventure in Warabe Forest”, a monodrama play by solo artist Takuji Fukunaga. Children and adults were deeply impressed of his enthusiastic acting style and everybody put oneself in the position of story. He deserved a shout out!

Finally, at 20:00 we finished our program with a fireworks display. The night was clear, so it was amazing to watch it during that shiny full moon, like rising flowers fell down from sky in a wonderful night.

That gave us the creeps!!


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