The 7th moon viewing festival at Furusato Warabekan


 Enjoy the mystical adventure at night during full moon


Date:    (Sun) 2009/10/4 

Time:     18:00

Place:    Furusato Warabe Kan

Costs:  1500 Yen ( adults)  1000 Yen ( pupils elementary grade)

( light meal included prior booking is essential)



18:00     light up the lanterns

18:30     enjoy making Tsukimi dango (rice dumpling)

19:00     “Adventure at Warabe Forest”

              monodrama play by Takuji Fukunaga

20:00      fireworks display                                                                                                            



About Takuji Fukunaga

Executive director of pedagogy research institute,

education lecturer, solo artist, lecturer of University, former elementary school teacher

During his time at Fukuoka elementary school for 22 years his creative lesson style became very popular, like an actor performing on stage. So everybody enjoyed to see him teaching [please one more time!]. Till now he performed about 200 times and became more and more famous.


How to get there:

Shuttlebus to/from Hainuzuka Station (prior booking is essential)


17:15 / 21:15  Hainuzuka Station

17:30 / 21:00  Yame Dentou Kougei Kan

18:00 / 20:30  Furusato Warabekan


Inquiries & Registration: Furusato Warabekan

Tel: 0943-54-2442

Fax: 0943-54-2443






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