Saturday Nature Trip to Joyo machi

On Saturday the 5 th of September it was time to trip to the beautiful nature of Joyo machi. Together with staff from Groundwork Fukuoka, local residents and staff from Asahi Nihongo school we experienced part of Japanese rural life. At 10 o’ clock in the morning we met at Children’s museum (Warabe Kan) to join the first activity (Planting Potatoes). Step by step we cleaned the potatoes and placed them serially into chalky soil. After that we walked along the huge bridge and took advantage of wonderful views over landscape of Joyo.Everbody was deeply impressed! Click the pictures and see for yourself!!We continued our program with planting little sunflowers in Joyo. "Joyo" means especially "sunrise"and the Sunflower’s season is summer. If it flowers beautifully in Autumn,many people might come to see them in Joyo. Additionally, we are planning to make oil from sunflower seed and it is  also the symbol of Groundwork Fukuoka.  Because of broken stones it was not easy to prepare the ground, so everbody kept working very hard. Finally, after planting the sunflowers, we could celebrate our success. It was a hot day, so we enjoyed lunchtime at Warabe Kan with its local special delicacies.At 2 o’clock there was time to play German games. Together with the staff of Asahi Nihongo School we explained participants the rules of the so called "Plumpsack", a very famous singing game in Germany. Children and adults amused oneself and had a great time with us.

It was a nice day!!!

written by Anne


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