Mantou Nagashi- Lantern Festival

On Sunday the 15 th of August it was festival time in Jouyou machi! It’s called Mantou Nagashi. Many bamboo lanterns are prepared in the forhead by professional wood shapers, but also by children. They carved small pictures on the bamboo, like fireflies and dragonflies. These bamboo lanterns were arranged across the sides of the street to reveal a beautiful sight at night time. Before night time came, children and adults could enjoy theirselves by having a meal at the restaurant, eating tasty icecream or joining one of the activities, like making a paper lantern or trying to catch waterballoons and fishes. When the night fells everybody gathered at the riversight. Paper lanterns were placed there to be left at the water at the right time. But when the fireworks where enlighted and the first candles insight the paper lanterns burned, it started raining. The festival had to be stopped then. Zannen deshita!
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