Let’s make some bread! Part Two

After the first bread baking day, there was a second ‘official’ one on 8 th august. Same place, same receipt,same staff, just a few new people.
So all togehter with some interested women we baked a lot of bread. Some where filled with some green prepared plant called ‘takana no tsukuemono’, slightly sour and really tasty, while some others where prepared with green tea. This time there was a clock next to the oven and every plate of bread had just a short time of baking, so that no bread was black. The consequence was slightly unbaked, but still tasty bread.
All together we ate outside the schoolbuilding fresh bread with selfmade honey and blueberry marmelade. Yummy!
The rest was sold.
P.S. I heard the third time was the best time. The next day there was a third baking session with the same women from that day. That time the bread turned out perfect!

written by

Derya Sakin

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