Blueberry farming day

On saturday the 2nd of august a couple of families, parents with children, grandfathers and grandmothers, gathered in front of the ‘Hotaru to ishi bashi no yakata’ building. Around 9.30 a.m. we all drove one by one, leaded by Rie-chans car to a blueberryfield some minutes away in Shimoyokoyama that belongs Tateishi Kazuyo. After a small walk through the wonderful landscape of wood and fields the blueberry-farmer-family waitedt for our arrival. Everybody was given a small box and a plastik bag for the blueberries and so the farming could start!Since the blueberrytrees where at a small mountainside it was not that easy to collect but  children, adults and old people including the staff had much fun collecting the blueberries in the bushes (eating some while doing that). After that one could buy one kilo for around 1000 yen. All in all everybody could go back home with a good feeling and children learned a bit about nature.
Derya Sakin

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