Our foodtrip to Saga

Our trip started 10 a.m. in front of "Hotaru to ishi bashi no Yakata". Everybody gathered at the bus and together we first drove to a restaurant called "restauran no no hana". The journey went aside a wonderful mountain sight at Saga prefecture . At the restaurant everybody could try a ‘heartful meal’ containing lots of japanese specialities and specials from this area prepared by a group of only four (usually 5 women). It was a very calm and relaxing place in Ryokan style. The head of the cooking troup introduced herself to us in a very polite manner and explained  a lot about the food , her work and this place. After that we drove to an ancient house which was still in the same style it was suppposed to be a hundret years ago. We gathered inside the main building after having a look at the old buildings belonging to this place and the blueberry garden, which was a bit high so that one could have a wonderful sight at the mountains. The lady of the place explained the specials of this place and her work. It is a place where people can rest and enjoy the wonderful sight and atmosphere.Aspecially children can learn different things about nature and how to use (gardening).From there we went with the bus to ‘michi no eki yamato’. It’s a huge market for mitsuse’s specialities and fresh food. After a welcome speech from one of the staff’s, explaining about the market, it’s product’s and economy everybody was invited to look and buy. All in all it was a very interesting and joyful daytrip with tasty food, special people and a lot of new impressions …
written by Annett Drusba and Derya Sakin

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