FLOWER JOINT CONCERT Part 12 “Flowers – Harmony – Circle of Community”

The project “Flower Joint Concert” was arranged for the first time in 1997 to make a step towards a “barrier-free” society! This every year arranged concert provides the opportunity to overcome the handicap by enjoying musical performances uninhibited together. The disabilities take a back seat and the personalities were transmitted via music.

The message which ought to be transported is:

“The handicap has no meaning! Show your wonderful personality and uniqueness to everybody! Respect each other! Let us create a society without barriers!”


Date of the Event: 平成21822日 ()


Opening: 13:00,    Start: 13:30,    End of the show: 15:30


Place: Seinan Community Center ( 205 seats )
Fukuoka-shi, Sawara-Ku, Nishijin 6-2-92


Entrance fee:   Adults: 1000,   Children: 500,    Preschooler (6歳以下): free



ちくしのカントリーハーブズ (視覚障がい/バンド)

福岡盲学校小 ・ 中等部 (視覚障がい/合唱)

ぴあ ・ ふれんず&キッズ (知的障がい/ダンス)

知田名保子 (オカリナ ・ケーナ)


presented by: Groundwork Fukuoka


“Groundwork Fukuoka”
Phone: 092-414-1234
Fax:     092-414-1155



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