The Firefly Festival

Every year at the same time, at the end of May and beginning of June, the fireflies, which are pretty widespread in the region of Joyo, show their presence by appearance in the public. When the sun begins to set, after the onset of the twilight the first fireflies find their way to be observed by the visitors joining the event held for these beauteous insects. It is really joyful for the people to watch the dance of the luminous fireflies!

Unfortunately this spectacle expires only for some hours. So for not missing the right moment the attendees arrive early for enjoying the stone bridges, the river and the beautiful nature for some snatches of sunshine. At the “Firefly and Stone Bridges Hall” everyone can spend time having a look at the pavilion showing the details of the firefly’s life, enjoying the view from the restaurant while eating regional food, or doing some shopping in the store also selling local products, which were grown or prepared by the predominantly aged people of the town.

Furthermore tea is served and its production is demonstrated whereas the event takes place. Also musical performances were arranged. This time two guys presented a percussion gig as well as a clarinet performance was held.

The members and staff of Groundwork Fukuoka were engaged in the organization of this event too. I also went to Joyo last weekend (05.-07.06.) with Mr. Otani and Ms. Saito early in the morning to help in the shop. I was introduced to the daily duties by my very kind colleagues Mrs. Matsusaki and Mariko-chan. As for the weekend of the event, a lot of customers come to the shop. I had to welcome them and packed their shopping goods. It was a great pleasure for me to meet the aged habitants bringing their products like eggs, vegetables, home made lunch boxes or pickles. I was also in charge of placing in the goods, refilling, packing tomatoes, place the price labels, cashing and I tried by best preparing soft ice cream. The closer the evening approached the location crowded and many customers came along. In respect of the time the fireflies used to appear, the shop was open until 9:30 pm. After the visitors left we gathered in the restaurant, where Mr. Otani and Ms. Saito prepared the food with a couple of female inhabitants, to eat before we left to return to Fukuoka. The festival will take place the next weekend as well. Regrettably I can not attend anymore because of the end of my internship and my return to Germany on upcoming Saturday. I will always remember this event as a very pleasant time!


written by Tina Witten


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