Foster the vital force through the pleasure of the five senses (Fukuoka School for the Blind Integrated Study Support Work)

The School for the Blind of the prefecture Fukuoka which is located in Chikushino City was opened in the 43rd year of Meiji era (1910), that makes it a History laden school. In 1999, the 11th year of Heisei era, the former principle of the School for the Blind approached Groundwork Fukuoka concerning an advice. “In recent years ordinary people also expanded in professions like moxibustion and acupuncture as well as in offering massages,what is almost mainly the limited field of work of visually impaired persons”, thus the principle pointed out the difficulties.Hence, suited to the occasion, the attempt to support the integrated study in Blind School Fukuoka was implemented. The plan to build a herb garden was created as a first step to emphasize that the ability to distinguish and spot special flavour-shades assigns a social stance to the visually handicapped persons. In the first year the drive road was equipped with flower beds.Afterwards a cube-shaped planter was produced by utilizing waste wood. Finally after the overhauling of the surrounding area, the herb garden was opened after three years of work in 2003 (Heisei 14).

Furthermore the next activity was carried out in 2005 (Heisei 16) due to the wish of middle school students to dispose rain water in order to build a biotope. This biotope features the rush by the flowing circulation of the water.With the arrangement of a star-shaped vegetable patch another experience of the landscape was carried out into execution. The reconstruction of the agricultural production and the water-cycle by the use of natural energy became a joyful experience that lasts now for five years.

The power of connecting the two attitudes of living self-conscious and conform to the environment is desirable. In the beginning, this arrangement was developed by the students of the blind school, the employees and the PTA (Parent-Teacher-Association). Then, local inhabitants took part as well whereupon many discussions occurred. Practical investigations, graphs and models were constituted by the collective force of imagination. In the beginning the Japan Wood House Industry Association Kyushu Branch Office and the Oji Paper Co., Ltd., amongst others, made an offer in reference to create an arbor and participate in the agricultural work, e.g. seedlings plantation. The NPO green-city Fukuoka and the faculty of landscaping of Nishi-Nippon Junior College offered to support the Gardening-Landscaping that concerns many people. Since 7 years there is a continuing business progress observable. Regarding this year the mending of the flower garden and the pond was accomplished. Apart from that for 2009 (Heisei 21) a plan referring to the maintenance of the promenade pathway had been established because of the 100th anniversary of the foundation.


translated by Tina Witten



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