Reconditioning of the Blind School Herb Garden

On Saturday, May, 30th 2009, we went to Chikushino town, about half an hour from Fukuoka, early in the morning to overhaul the biotope of the “Blind School Fukuoka”.
In 1999 the herb garden was constituted by an initiative of Groundwork Fukuoka.
The schedule of the day began with the reception by a teacher of the blind school, Mr. Otani from GWF and a member of Panasonic Communication Co. Ltd., who gave speeches about the project. A lot of people came to participate. About 15 blind or visually impaired pupils with their parents, school teachers, volunteers from Panasonic and Groundwork staff came to join the event. After the salutations and the game rock-paper-scissors as Icebreaker, the different working teams were presented. So everyone of the about 80 participants had to decide which group he or she preferred to attend. The first group engaged in creating a pathway through the biotope. The second group built tables and chairs to make the herb garden more convenient. The exercise of the third group was remaking the flower beds. Another team took care of the brook and the remaining group prepared the food for the following barbecue. The group engaged in the flowerbed arrangement for example started to cut the blooming lavender and prospering rosemary. The gardening included planting the roots of the harvested crops in another bed to bring it up the next season. When all flowerbeds were prepared almost all participants reassembled. First and foremost the blind pupils took the seedlings and planted them in the flower beds. This task supported the olfaction and the haptic abilities of the blind pupils, which is one of the intended purposes of the herb garden and biotope next to the school building.
After nearly all repairs were finished the BBQ started and the cultivated herb tea was served. The activity ended at about 14:30 and everyone wanting to, could take a bunch of lavender or rosemary home.

written by Tina (01.06.2009)


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