School for blind children


On January 8th we went to a school for blind children to exercise a workshop. The workshop’s intention was to gather the pupil’s ideas of the herb garden which has been created by the cooperation of Groundwork Fukuoka since 1997 and present a special device to the children which were developed by Panasonic Communications Co. Ltd. The device in combination with an IC tag is able to recognize the herbs in the herb garden. The blind children only have to hold the device over the herbs and the device will speak the herb’s name.


At 9.30 am we arrived the school. First we prepared the room for the workshop and discussed the timetable of the workshop. At 10 am the workshop started. The children were gathering and were divided in two groups. At first we let them gathering the name of various herbs and fragrance which can be found in the nature. The children enjoyed the time of gathering visibly by laughing and talking to each other. In the end the device was introduced and the function of the device explained. The workshop ended at 12.30 pm and we went back to Groundwork.

written by Ludwig


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