On December 20th and 21st we went to Joyo in Yame to create kadomatsu.

A kadomatsu is a traditional Japanese decoration of the New Year which will be placed in pairs in front of entries to welcome spirits or kami.

On December 20th we arrived at 10 am in Joyo. Before the official beginning at 1 pm we made room for creating the kadomatsu. At 1 pm all the people who wanted to participate were gathering and we went together to the near bamboo forest to chop of the bamboos which are needed to create the kadomatsu. Afterwards we went to a near onsen where we enjoyed ourselves. At 6 pm shortly after the onsen we had phenomenal supper which was created by the habitants. Afterwards we enjoyed ourselves by having karaoke and singing all together.

On the next day we woke up at 8 am so we could begin to create the kadomatsu in the early but before the work we had a delicious breakfast. At 9 am we began to create the kadomatsu.

A kadomatsu is formed from three large bamboo chops which will be set at different heights. Therefore some people were sawing the bamboo chops in to the appropriate heights and other people were putting them together and decorate them with pine perch and other kinds of perch.

At 1 pm we had lunch. There were miso soup and yaki onigiri. After lunch we continued our work. At 4 pm our work was done and all the kadomatsu were created. The most part of the people went home the others stayed and cleaned up the place. At 7 pm we drove back to Fukuoka.

written by Ludwig


One thought on “Kadomatsu

  1. This event was all planned and implemented by local people to activate their community. The community is consisted of 47 families and one of the areas of Joyo where Groundwork Fukuoka have been working on its local regeneration since 2007. More than 30 people from this area participated in organizing this event and this was the first fime for them. We\’re very happy if this gathering could be a catalyst for thier community\’s development and Groundwork Fukuoka would be a help for them.written by Kaori

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