“Ring of Flowers, Peace of People, Circle of Communities” Project

“You are Wonderful!”


This is our slogan from Groundwork Fukuoka. Since we work with children a lot at our daily activities we know that everyone single of these children has a wonderful character. Thus we chose our slogan “You are Wonderful!”. The goal of our activities is to establish a community in the 22nd century where everybody lives happily. In other words, the realization of a society where children and every single child who lives in the 22nd century – regardless of a handicap- is able to feel happiness.


"Ring of Flowers, Peace of People, Circle of Communities"


The beginning of this project goes back to1997. We were arranging activities in order to establish a cooperation for the environment organisation and social welfare organizations to work together and we realized “Flower” and “Music” were essential. So the project started from her on.


The project consists of two activities (Flower and Music) which aim to achieve a barrier-free


The first activity of the project is the “hana no hachi age sagyo” (repot the flowerpots)    event, which takes place every year on spring.

The seedlings which were carefully grown by the pupils of the Fukuoka Kaisei High School will be re-potted one by one pot by the local community group and schools. The seeds will blossom and will create a rich environment to do business in a better way.

The meaning of this activity is to connect people. By gardening and picking carefully each weak root one by one and working gently with the plants together the people who work together will learn to understand and accept each other.

When this activity first began there were only 6000 Flowerpots but the number of participants grew from year to year. In 2008 at the 13thhana no hachi age sagyo” we could distribute 30000 Flowerpots in the whole region.


And the second activity of the project is the Flower Joint Concert. This Concert shows that everyone who has disability is able to overcome this handicap and can perform a wonderful music in front of everyone. It is not the grade of a handicap we want to show, it’s the individuality of each person, to know they are wonderful, the love of each other, the dream of a “barrier-free society where everybody is helping each other” can become true! That’s the message we want to show the many people during the concert.


Even if just on person has become interested to participate in this concert and somehow received the message of the project, then we are much closer to our goal.

Because we think this understanding is the first step to achieve barrier-free society.



written and translated by Ludwig


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