Creating a pavilion

On Saturday 13th Groundwork Fukuoka and members of Panasonic Communications Co. Ltd. went to Fukuoka Mou Gaccko in Chikushino Fukuoka, a school for blind children. On that day we built up a pavilion and ate barbecue.

The event started at 9.30 am. After a short welcome speech we played a nice game to perk everybody up. After the game the people were divided in two groups. One group was in charge of building the pavilion the other group was preparing food for the barbecue. At 12.30 pm we began with the barbecue. There was grilled meat, sausages, miso soup, rice and shitake mushrooms. After farewell speech at 2 pm the most part of the people went home some people stayed and did some minor adjustments to the pavilion (they were filling out the splices). At 3 pm we went back to Tenjin, Fukuoka.

The next work will be held in February. We are planning to plant trees which bare fruits sand have fragrance so that pupils of the school can enjoy themselves.


written by Ludwig


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