Yume Tachibara Village – a Green Workshop

Yesterday, Sunday 21st, it has been a rainy morning when the Groundwork Fukuoka Office staff aswell as the member and volunteer Shimada san and the trainee Sophie left Fukuoka to prepare and to enjoy the workshop at Yume Tachibara Village near Fukuoka. It continued raining, but the children were motivated and we could start our activities. First – after a welcome speech among others by Otani san from the Groundwork Fukuoka Office – and some useful explanations the children and their parents went to search for autumn leaves (… and there are a lot of different trees around Yume Tachibara Village, no risc to get bored!). The leaves were then sorted and prepared in plastic to see them better and to learn their names. The next activity – still under some rain – has been a bit too wet for most of the parents, but all the children enjoyed fishing (using only their hands!) in a little fish pond. The fish were freshly grilled and eaten. Hmm!
The rain stopped, and so, after lunch, the third activity has been held in the sun: The children were taught to build a little bamboo flute and to play it… most of the children were real talents! They could take the leaves and flute home and we hope they will keep excellent memories of this Green Workshop.
written by Sophie

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