Workshop with residents – former Primary School in Joyo

Last Saturday, 6th of September, Groundwork Fukuoka left the office in the afternoon to visit Joyo again. In the former Primary School in Joyo has been held a workshop with Groundwork Fukuoka members and residents. The big building has been left empty some years ago, and now it is time to look for new ideas about how the school and its garden could be used in the future. To get to an agreement, it is important to listen to the local residents. And of course all the projects will be supported by Groundwork Fukuoka.
Mr. Otani welcomed everyone who came to participate and discribed the situation. Then the participants, about 25 people, were asked to write down their ideas which have been collected and discussed in the end.
In his welcome speech, Mr. Otani did not give any direction about how the ideas should be, but it was clear that most of the suggestions were related to the recent problem, that the population of Joyo – and its surroundings – is getting older because many young people leave their home town.
We were happy about the high interest from the residents and from Groundwork Fukuoka members and the number of (interesting) ideas. After the brainstorming we could all enjoy together a bowl of rice and meat made by Mr. Otani himself. Very oishii!

The following step will be to check all the new ideas and to think about how to realize them.
written by Sophie

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