French cookies & handcraft

I am a German / French translator from Berlin and started working for Groundwork Fukuoka only a few days ago. Yoroshiku o-negai shimasu!
I enjoy nature, food, cooking and of course: working with children…
Yesterday I had the chance to visit Joyo (near Fukuoka) and its wonderful river and nature aswell as the children museum Furasato Warabe Kan. I am looking forward to meet you all there when I show children (and their parents!) how to make delicious traditional French cookies. While the cookies get ready in the oven, we will have time to learn how to make handmade little bags including objects providing from the very near environnement. . . Of course I will teach you some useful words in French if you wish so. All this will happen in one afternoon on 19th of Oktober from around 1 pm at Furasato Warabe Kan. I hope we will have much fun together!! For more information, please check this blog again!
written by Sophie

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