The 6th moon viewing Party

"The 6th Moon viewing Party at Furusato Warabe Kan"     
– Warabe no mori no Kangetsu-Kai –     
harmonica concert of Nishikawa Yoshio     
This years full moon of mid-autumn is on Sunday, 14th of September. On this day our "Moon viewing Party" wil be held at "Furusato Warabe Kan" in Yame-Shi, Joyo-machi. Do you like to spend this night with other people at Furusato Warabe Kan in Yame-Shi? Our plan is to enjoy the musical performance of a harmonica concert by Nishikawa Yoshio and a small firework. Dear families, please invite your friends also to come. We are looking forward to see all of you there. 
Concerning the way, a free shuttle bus that connects JR Hainuzuka station with Furusato Warabe Kan will run on the day.  
If you like to make use of it, advance reservations are required.       
2008(sun) 09.14. 18:00
Yame-Shi, Furusato Warabe Kan
Prices (with light meal, Prior booking is essential): 
Adults: 1500 Yen
pupils (elementary grade): 1000 Yen
You have to make a reservation. 
Toddlers are free, except for light meal.
Tel.: 0943-54-2442
18:00 light up the lanterns   
18:30 first part     
Pleasant harmonica- classrooms     
Participation fee: 500 Yen     
Enrollment limit: 15 members     
Parent-child participation is welcome     
Reservation is necessary!      
19:30 second part    
 harmonica concert of Nishikawa Yoshio   
20:15 third part    
 firework- convention      
20:30 program ends
How to get there: 
There is a Shuttle bus from/ to JR "Hainuzuka station" ( Prior booking is essential) 
start: back: 
17:15 21:30 Hainuzuka Station
17:30 21:15 Yame Dentou Kougei Kan
17:40 21:05 Jouyo Machi Hoken Center
18:00 20:45 Furusato Warabe Kan
Nishikawa Yoshio:       
In the heart of the Chinese mountains, he was in a hospital for medical treatment of people with incurable disease. On this opportunity, he remembered playing harmonica he learnt in elementary school and started to practise regulary.
Every third Sunday he performs live on the street in the "Chuo-park" in Fukuoka-shi, Chuo-Ku. In addiction to his activity of musical performance, he works in the management of a nursing service called "Ashitaba" for the welfare of Fukuoka-Shi. His repertoire contents popular pieces of Classic and many japanese popular songs. They also work with self-arranged pieces.
If you have any wishes of an arrangement please tell us.      
About moon viewing ("Tsukimi"):
"Tsukimi" is a Japanese custom which originally came from China.
It is held on August, 15th in the lunar calendar and is called "jugoya", which means the night of 15th.
Jugoya in the solar calendar changes every year. It is usually in September or October. The moon on jugoya is not always full, but it is said that the moon on this night is the brightest and the most beautiful in the year. Tsukimi is done in a quite manner in Japan. People look at the moon and enjoy the beauty. Tsukimi has also the meaning of celebrating the autumn harvest.

One thought on “The 6th moon viewing Party

  1. The Moon viewing sounds so lovely, I hope there will be many people joining you for the event, I will be there in spirit, but you are eight hours ahead of us in Wales, UK.
    May I make a request for Nishikawa Yoshio-san to play a tune for me on the harmonica please?  I like My WAY, in the west, sang by Frank Sinatra.  If this is not possible, or not appropriate, John Lennon’s IMAGINE, I believe it is popular in Japan.  Or a beautiful Japanese song SAKURA.  I appreciate it is Autumn, but spring will follow and Japan with the Sakura in bloom is breathtakingly beautiful.

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