Peace Forest Project in Hoshino

On the way…


On Saturday the 2nd of August GWF, together with Panasonic Communications Co. (PCC), went to HoshinoVillage in the Yame region for the purpose of improving the tourist attractive areas.

PCC has financially supported the Peace Forest Project in Hoshino for three years now based on a suggestion made in the UK – Japan Groundwork exchange meeting in 2005. But this is the first time employees and their families participated in this project.


With a big bus, since a lot of people came, we drove directly from the PanasonicCompanyBuilding nonstop to the Village. Shortly after our arrival we gathered together and got a short introduction on what we had to do this day. While some of us were collecting trash in the near environment another group was building steps on a sandy mountain trail which leads from the HeiwaPark down to the village.

The necessity of these wooden steps was immanent to see, as some of the team had already been slipped away on little stones and almost felt into the bushes.

So we dug in the earth, made holes for the steps and used old and strong timbers, sustained by stakes that have been hammered into the earth. It was a hard and perspireing work in the hot sun of Japan, but we where done in about two and a half hours.


Afterwards we met with the other group and had lunch. We ate in the shadows of big trees and watched the children, who where with us, playing a game with a watermelon. With covered eyes they had to hit a watermelon with a stick, supported by the surrounding people who gave tips in which direction they should go. It was almost like the Mexican Pinata game.


Then everyone could enjoy the cool water of the nearby flowing river, or go into an Onsen.

Everyone but us Ms. Saito, Constantin and I went through Hoshino searching for good places for the Asahi Nihongo Summercamp, which will take place in a few weeks.


About three o’clock we all gathered again and went back to Fukuoka with a little stop at the Stonebridge and Firefly hall in Joyo.



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