Warabe no sato kensyu centre

On Sunday 27th GWF visited the Warabe no sato kensyu centre. Alex and Constantin from the AsahiNihongoSchool also joined us to take a look at the location where the Summer Camp is supposed to be. After arriving the first thing to do was to take care of the barbeque place and cut the weeds that had started to grow there. After that laid in “Takana-zuke”, which is a kind of Japanese savoy, needed to be packed into plastic bags. We also ate some of them as Onigiri and they tasted really good! The “Takana-zuke” are a part of the “Tsukemono Project” which is meant to utilize a fallow field and by doing that originating an exchange between the residents of Joyo and those of other areas. The project was started in November by planting the “Takana”. In May it was ready to be harvested and pickled, which was done by both local people and members of GWF. Pickling is a traditional way of preservation in the mountainous areas of Japan because there is only a limited season in the year for things to grow. Pickled “Takana” can be preserved for one year.
It was really hot that day and so everyone was glad when one of us found out that there was a room with air condition. So we chose this place to glue news paper together for our gardening project. These “paper blankets” are to be used for mulching.
At about 4pm we left for a short visit to Joyo and from there started our way back home.
written by Julia

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