The Joyo Firefly Festival

June is a time of heat and humidity in Japan. With this condition around it is a perfect environment for fireflies to swarm out and fly through the dark of the night, dancing to find a mate. But what is vitally necessary for them, is one of the most beautiful views for us to see.


This was the main purpose on this weekend the 7th and 8th of June. Groundwork Fukuoka in Co-operation with the town of Joyo organized an event for everyone to see the beauty of Yames nearly untouched nature. Since the Hoshino river is very clean and the agricultural surroundings don’t use big amounts of pesticides those little creatures can live and develop in this area nearly as free as in the deepest woods.

While the fireflies can only be seen in the dark of the night, the main part of the days were stressed by preparations for the evening. A lot of tents have been built up around the “Firefly and Stonebridge Hall” because many people were expected. Wonderful images of Fireflies had been carved in bamboo by a local citizen and have been erected all around the area. And indeed, hundreds of people came on both days just to see the mating dance of the fireflies. No wonder, since even the Japanese television announced this happening.

But beside the fireflies we also had performances on a little stage. Taiko drummers and Shamisen-players were invited to entertain the guests until it was dark enough to see the beetles over the river.

We also cared about the physical needs of our visitors, we sold cold beverages, fried potatoes and cha-cha man little dumplings made of green tea dough and filled with wild boar and mushrooms.

It was so liked, that we couldn’t reproduce as much as it was wanted and in the end we sold everything out.  

Although the second day started with a lot of rain, the evening was warm and dry again. So everybody saw what have been seen on the day before.


Let’s hope for a similar glorious view in the next year.


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