Planting at Fukuoka-Kaisei-Highschool

On Saturday the 24th GWF hosted the "planting event" at Kaisei-Highschool. The students of this schoolhad decided to plant young flowers together with people from every place of the prefecture. The thought was to work together so each would be able to take some of the plants with them to their home and raise them. This was meant to deepen the exchange between the different people and enrich the environment of each region in Fukuoka-ken.
We started at about 9.00 am with the registration of the different groups which took part in it. The young plants had been put on the floor of the courtyard where everyone else gathereduntil it suddenly started to rain. Luckily there was a hall next by where everyone fit in and the planting of the young flowers into single flowerpots could start. After some encouraging speeches everyone began to work with their full energy. Mounds of potting soil had been banked where people were sitting around and shoveled it into little pots. The
students were really keen to work at the project and gave their full power. At about noon the signal to stop was given because there were already almost too many plants. The whole courtyard was filled with them.
Some of them were to stay at the school for the students to raise them. The rest of the flowers had to be put into cars so the participants could take them with them. GWF also got their part of the plants.
After giving out some cold soft drinks and some thanking speeches of the organizers the event ended at 13.00pm.
written by Julia

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