On Sunday the “Kurume-Global-Festival” took place. GWF went there to join as one of the stands representing Japan
and Germany and to sell the self made tea. After arriving at about 9.00 am the tables for the stand had to be
prepared and it ended up being quite a challenge to fix the information posters of GWF at the dugout.
The festival had been organized to give an understanding of the different cultures all over the world and to show
their specialties. Around the place  stands representing India and Sri Lanka, Indonesia, China, Nepal, Korea,
Japan, America, Australia, Turkey and Germany were to be found. Some of them cooked special dishes of their country and
so the air was filled with delicious scents all the time. On a stage different nations were showing various acts
like dancing or singing. The place was crowded with people and a lot of children and so the mood was really
A special event for the children around was to collect stamps from different stands on a world map that had been
handed out and by this get to know the different cultures. Us being one of the stations we had to tell them some
things about Germany. Almost none of them actually knew where to find Germany on the world map so we were doing our
stint for the general education by showing them.
The weather turned out to be really hot again which surely helped for the success of the American ice stand. Next
to us was the Australian stand held by an energetic Australian woman who made the people try Vegemite, a typical
Australian spread, which tastes quite salty. Sadly most of them didn`t like it.
We couldn`t sell much tea that day but people were really interested in GWF and the upcoming events. We started
to leave the festival at about 3.00 pm when most of the visitors had already left and the winners of the tombola
were being called out.
written by Julia

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