Herb garden project: creating a new path

On Saturday GWF, together with PCC (Panasonic Communications Co. Ltd.) and many other helping hands, went out to the school for blind children in Chikushino (Fukuoka). This day served a project that started in 1999 to help the blind children at the school to feel more comfortable and be able to safely enjoy the nature around the school
area. For this purpose the in 1999 constructed herb garden needed to be freed from the weeds that had grown all over between the hedges and on the way and the first real paved path, leading up to the barbeque area, was plannedto be built. This path will be followed by others, which are meant to help the blind children to find save ways through the garden and be able to use it without getting lost.
The event started at 9.30 am. Everyone gathered around the barbeque area to listen to the advices for the day. After a short funny game to cheer everyone up and to wash away the weariness of the early morning each picked one of the tools and started with the work. Some were cutting the weeds, others started picking away the grass and
weeds at the little stream and around the trees.
Almost all of the men were helping to bring the new path to life. After some hours of hard work a new path leading up to the barbeque area had been built and the result was more than satisfying.
The sun was burning down really hot this day and so everyone was happy when finally the signal for the barbeque was given. Some of the women had been grilling meat and sausages, made soup and cooked rice in bamboo. Soon people were sitting around the beautiful garden in the shadow of the trees enjoying the delicious food. The peace was onlydisturbed once when one of the bamboo caught fire on the barbeque.
After taking a lot of group pictures in front of the results of the hard work the event ended at about 3.00 pm.
written by Julia

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