The “Fresh-tea-festival”

This week on the 5th and 6th of May the “Fresh-Tea-Festival” took place. On both days the Firefly and Stonebridge Hall became a merchandise center for fresh green tea of many different types and tastes. Free samples have been offered and everyone got the opportunity to taste the delicious flavor before buying anything. Fortunately a lot of people took their chance and bought several packets of this healthy and fresh harvested beverage, knowing that these were the first leaves of green tea of the year.


On the 6th we also had an event, of course related to the main occasion and therefore absolutely interesting for those who also enjoyed tasting the tea. A local farmer from the village of Joyo offered a part of his tea plantation for these curious people to harvest tea on their own. Like in the old times the group went through the rows of bushes, ripped young tea leaves with their own hands from the plants and collected them in a basket which they carried on their shoulder. For some hours they worked in the hot sun of this late spring until they finally made a break for lunch. Afterwards everyone went to a “tea-production-facility” and learned how leaves become tea in bigger amounts.

After the tour the event ended and with a little present in their hands everyone turned back home, or back to Joyo to drink and buy some new tea.


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