The path-maker project

The Village of Hoshino lies at the border between the Fukuoka and the OitaPrefecture, a small community surrounded by forests, high mountains and fields.

Thanks to these features it has become a peaceful and quit little township, but also an excellent place to start wandering through the mountains. If you like to do so, you also want to be sure about the safety of your ways. Nothing is worse than being alone in a mountain forest, with a cell phone that doesn’t work because no provider erected antennas in this area, lying on a rock with a broken leg, ten meters away from your former way which became muddy and not really passable after the last rain.

Exactly because of reasons like this the village of Hoshino organized an event on which at least one mountain pathway should become saver. With small wooden timbers people from Hoshino and the surrounding area, as well as members of Groundwork Fukuoka fixed the path that leads up the mountain.

With these timbers we were able to create steps, nailed into the ground with iron spikes about half a meter long, giving the wood the right, strong grip into the earth. This was necessary to make the way saver and the environment easier to explore.

The whole event is also a part of “activating” Hoshino a program in cooperation with Groundwork Fukuoka to make the village more attractive and interesting for tourism.


Groundwork Fukuoka also walked the whole way from the bottom of the mountain to its highest top. On its peak a border stone is placed which marked the frontier between the old clans of the Edo period. It was set there more than hundred years ago, but still stands.

Unfortunately but for our own safety we had to stop the event because heavy rain started to fall and it became too dangerous for us to stay there since the path wasn’t yet finished and we easily lost our footing.

Although we had to stop so early a lot of progress can be seen and later this work will be finished, but on this day we couldn’t go on. In the end, as a closing act, a meal was prepared that everyone who worked there this day could enjoy.


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