The welsh country garden in Joyo – the next step

After planning and brainstorming, measuring and thinking it was time to start some action. For that reason we headed to Joyo, willing to get something done and make visible progress. But it was not as easy as we thought it could be. The plan was to get the old fences out of the ground, those which marked the old flower and herb beds. To our surprise they were cemented into the earth and all our power couldn’t drag them out or even give them enough hard time to break – so this needs a new plan.

Hence we jumped directly to part two measuring for the right level. We needed to know where is everything on the same height, where can we build the benches and flower pots and still letting it stay “barrier free”. We just can’t use steps and different altitudes if we also want wheelchair users to enjoy this garden.

There is still a long way to go until this garden is ready but we already managed to do the first steps,… it’s just the pace that won’t fit with our planning.

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