potato sweets

On the 9th of February Groundwork Fukuoka participated on an event in the Keego Shrine in Central Fukuoka. The main part was creating “Imo manju” a kind of sweet made out of potatoes and dough. Similar to them we made in the Hoshino village while we also made Miso. But this time we weren’t the main actors or organizers, we just played a side role. From 10 o’clock on we sold goods made in Joyo, like there were pickled radish and Chinese cabbages, blueberry jam, green tea or dried Shiitake, all of them found a really good demand and we nearly sold out everything till the end of the event.


The happening itself took place in a side building of the shrine. Although it was a big house not all of the interested guests could enter at once. As the event was widely announced and the theme of big interest, the amount of guests was of course also very large. Visitors had to stand in a long row if they wanted to get in. Even about two hours before it started they waited outside in the shrine area while this was a good chance to sell our wares. But our part was a bit larger than just standing outside and selling home made food.

The visitors went inside, bought manju and other tasty food that was composed to a lunch box. After they get what they wanted they naturally wanted to eat it too. And there do we come back into action. In a second room, solely in Japanese interior style everyone sat down to enjoy their meal while drinking our tea, which we offered for free. It seemed we made a good impression for the reason that nearly everyone praised our tea and even afterwards bought some package of it.

All in all the day was a total success, for the event organizers as for us too.
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One thought on “potato sweets

  1. I am so happy to keep up with the events of Groundwork Fukuoka through the Blog site. Looking forward to seeing as many people and places as possible October/November.
    Love and Cwtches

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