An exchange meeting with the city of Gokase

The meeting took place on Sunday the 3rd of January in the public hall of Joyo, a gathering with three different participants as there were the city of Joyo, Groundwork Fukuoka and the people of Gokase city from the Miyazaki prefecture. Although Miyazaki lies on the other side of Kyushu, we invited them for a special reason. Gokase and its neighbouring villages have a lot of experience on the theme of “green tourism”. Since years they organize events like “working and staying on a farm, making local specialities or enjoying traditional Japanese arts, like for example Kagura – sacred music and dancing normally performed at shrines.


The get-together started with a greeting at 10 o’clock and went over to a summary of actions in Joyo, followed by an explanation of the events Groundwork Fukuoka did. Next, from 11 o’clock the city of Gokase introduced itself, its attractions and touristic specialities.

Afterwards both parties had the chance to exchange their ideas and thoughts, their experiences and how they handle things. This “trade of thoughts” became a little bit out of control as a lot of people wanted to say something and took therefore more time then expected. The meeting ended with a lunch at the Restaurant of Hotaru to Ishibashi Kan, nevertheless the exchange didn’t. For about an hour the people from both prefectures (Fukuoka prefecture and Miyazaki prefecture) had the chance to chat free and in small groups while they enjoyed their meal. After that, our guests went back home.




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