Kimchi making in Joyo

On Sunday the 27th of January the Warabe Kensyu Centre was again the centre of our activities. We wanted to produce “Kimchi”, a special Korean kind of food very spicy and strong in its taste.


We started the day driving to the Furusato Warabe Kan where we walked to one of our former fallow rice fields for harvesting the rest of the vegetables we planted last year. A big amount of Chinese cabbages, potatoes and radishes were the result of our work. It was a joy to see how big they have become and how delicious they will taste.

Afterwards we went to the restaurant of Furusato Warabe Kan to get a lunch break and rest a short moment from the work on the field. Strengthened and curious for Kimchi and its recipe we went to the Kensyu Centre and organized everything for the preparation of this tasty food. With professional guidance everybody could see how it works, what spices and ingredients are put into the sauce that is so important for flavour and which is the main part of the whole preparing process.

In beforehand pickled cabbages where rubbed in with the sauce and put together therefore taste and smell can spread through them all.


Each participant had the chance to be a part of the preparing process, bringing his/her work in and get a feeling of how this delicate-eat is made.

Afterwards the attendants took a bag with Kimchi and on another day made pickled radishes with them, pleased to eat them at home.


We made this workshop because Kimchi is nowadays very popular for Japanese people and they buy a lot of this in supermarkets, also nearly every farmer in Joyo grows Chinese cabbages but pickles them in the traditional way. So we thought it may be a good idea to put these two factors together and make some new experiences.




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