The Welsh Country Garden of Joyo

On the 12th of January, a Saturday, we went again to the town of Joyo for fulfilling our motto “Living in Joyo, means letting Joyo live”. This time we were planning to create a new herb garden after the welsh model, which could be seen by Ms. Saito and Mr. Otani in Wales while their visit.


We are using a place that already had been a garden before, but it became overgrown by grass and other wild running plants. Herbs and flowers which have been planted there aren’t visible anymore and the borders that detaches the beds have to be raked out.

But we don’t want to leave the new garden in the shape of the old one. The plan is to build it brand new. Therefore we gathered some members and local people on this day, took a look around the spot and began a small brainstorming. Later on, in the style of a workshop, everyone who was participating, could draw his or hers ideas on a sketch of the garden. Creating new concepts and suggestions for this wasn’t as easy as one could think it is, since no one of us has done something like this before it took some time, but in the end everybody was able to bring something on the paper that explained their thoughts.


The plan is now to create a combination of pots and benches, which are built together in a thinned wooden scaffolding build in the local area, extending itself over the whole area. That gives the opportunity to wander through the garden and sit down wherever you want and watch herbs and flowers grow and bloom. As another aim we want to design it “barrier-free” so that people who are sitting in wheelchairs are also able to enter and enjoy the beauty of the place.


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