Cookie Workshop

On Sunday the 20th of January 2008 a Cookie Workshop took place in Furosato Warabe Kan. Everyone was welcome and free to participate. In the end five people gathered around the table where all the ingredients were placed on. In the beginning Eva explained the recipe and the procedure for the following hours. With a little help from the coworkers of Furosato Warabe Kan the dough for our cookies have been prepared. While waiting, because the dough had to stand some minutes, several games were offered, which shortened the period of time. After half an hour every participant got a part of the dough which he/she could roll out and create cookies just as they liked. Some of the coworkers also participated. At the same time as the cookies were baked for about 10 minutes crunchy and golden brown in the oven we prepared the icing. (the youngest one couldn’t resist on tasting)

After cooling down, the cookies had been decorated with lemon icing and colorful crumbles. The result wasn’t just good looking but also very tasty.




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