Land re-utilization

Last year, in December 2006, we started “pickle making” on a fallow rice field in the Hoshino Village. Many people from the Fukuoka city area participated and we received favorable comments. This year our activities were concentrated on the development of a further fallow rice field in Hoshino and as the first of our two intended goals especially its utilization for the future. We planted soy beans, which as a raw material are used for making miso. This work on the field tackled everyone together as for it was the other one of our intended and executed goals for this project, bringing townspeople from Fukuoka city and the Hoshino village together.


In the meantime the plants have grown and we harvested them in November. On this event also a lot of people participated and had a good time together.




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One thought on “Land re-utilization

  1. "What a great project, utilising precious land resources in mountainous areas, rotating production of different crops.  (We did it in the UK, Farmers on different occasions planting rape seed and lavender, all commercial commodities, as opposed to leaving fields in a fallow state.)  It was good to see the involvement and interaction of people from a wider geographical area.  I recognised Mrs Otani, and Mathias in addition to the Groundwork staff I have known for a number of years.  Thank you for the opportunity for me to share what is happening in Fukuoka"
    Love and best wishes.

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