Objectives and outline of our action

Groundwork Fukuoka, in cooperation with residents, businesses, and government, supports people in “making relations with each other” to build a healthy environment where we and our posterity are able to live safely and comfortably. In our independent, voluntary, non-profit, and public action, we find problems lurking in communities, and try to solve them, recognizing our goals and each role we should play. Through our continual action, the first and foremost objective is to build communities where everybody (regardless of disabilities) is able to live happily, where no discrimination, prejudice or bullying is allowed (realization of a real barrier-free society).
The slogan of our action is “You are wonderful”
The text above is an excerpt from our articles of association.
Groundwork action is environmental action originated in England. Our work is done with support by the three named, residents, businesses, and government. Who are working in cooperation and in order to enrich the local environment. Each Groundwork Trust coordinates a partnership between them. At the present time, there are 47 Trusts which work for environmental improvement of communities and for environmental education in association with school teachers.  
The keywords are : “from dependence to residents’ action“,  “from opposition to partnership” 
We support the building of communities which work in a good partnership through Groundwork action in numerous areas in Fukuoka.

One thought on “Objectives and outline of our action

    Dear Otani-san and Saito-san.
    I love the updated informative information on your blog.
    Your aims and objectives are as important and relevant today as when the Articles of Association were first formulated.
    "You are Wonderful" is a powerful and meaningful slogan.  We are all unique human beings, we have hopes and aspirations.  With a "little help fom our friends" and a sprinkle of TLC (Tender Loving Care.) we can make valuable contributions to our society and each other in barrier free communities.  Integration, being part of, as opposed to apart from mainstream society is vital for people with disabilities of any kind, physical, sensory or intellectual. 
    On my recent visit to Kyushu from Wales, UK, I observed Groundwork Fukuoka as a caring, sharing organisation.
    My sincere best wishes for your continued success.

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