The Joyo autumn festival 2007

On the fourth of November we celebrated the Joyo Autumn Festival in the Joyo area, near Furusato Warabe Kan, the children center of Groundwork Fukuoka. It was a fair that includes sports, music and a lot of tasty food.
Beginning with a bicycle race, the event was opened at 10 o’clock and straight from the opening on music and entertainment was shown on stage. With different musicians, quiz shows, plays and even karaoke that was given to entertain the guests we had a wide variety of distraction.
A lot of market stalls were offering food or fruits and vegetables from the fields, wicker work or told about their work in different areas. We also sold food, self made smoked salmon from Mr. Otani, as a smoked salmon sandwich, very tasty and for our luck, incredibly fast sold out. Furthermore we put a hot minchi soup up for sale, what was also very practical thinking therefore it became really cold that day up there in the mountains. A cool wind blowed away the last warmth of the going summer and out of the people as well.                           
The Day ended with the awards ceremony for the bicycle racers, who were not only grown ups but children and even very small kids. After that, the organizers throw "mochi" into the crowd, small cookie like food ingredients, made out of rice, which have to be toasted or put into soup so they can be eaten. These were made by some villagers during the festival in a stand nearby to ours in a traditional way.
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One thought on “The Joyo autumn festival 2007

  1. Hallo Matthias,tolle Arbeit! Ich hoffe Dir macht die Arbeit bei Groundwork viel Spass.Gruesse bitte Eva und die anderen von mir.Bis zum naechsten Stammtisch.Bis dannAlexander

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