In cooperation for cleanliness

Groundwork Fukuoka is not just one association for itself it is also a part of other Organizations and cooperation’s. For example the Yabe River wo tsunagukai.
This is a union of groups and organizations which work in the Yabe River basin. It sets its aims in improving the actual situation of rivers, ponds, seashores, Lakes and marshes and also the water that flows around towns and agricultural areas. The Organization made this their goal because they think it is necessary to defend and carefully guard their culture and send a message to following generations. But they do not just want to clean them once or twice. As a matter of fact it is more important to keep control of the grade of pollution. Protect the areas from being flooded by garbage and help to get it into a clean and healthy condition.
Last year they already did it in cooperation with 22 groups with about 33 single bodies. They were successful in 92 places in the big Yabe river valley into every direction.
This year they started again and we, Groundwork Fukuoka, participated also.
On last Thursday the 25th of October we went to the town of Joyo for spreading out in the valley and search for polluted areas on the Yabe River. In two teams we searched ten different points in different directions for garbage in and beside the river, especially in quantity, in a radius of about 100 m2. Later on this year, we will investigate the rest of the, on the map mentioned, points as well.
As it was important to give an impression to other participants, we took pictures of the places we went to, collected trash if there was any and graded the area into different categories. These were divided from 0 to 8 while 0 was no litter and eight a full amount of garbage. But most of the places we experienced could be rated as 0 or 1. The collected trash was in the end not more than just one sack each group.
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