The clean Fukuoka campaign 2007

This year the clean Fukuoka campaign brought us to the Tatara River in Fukuoka. At nine o’clock in the morning the buses took the helpers and the staff to area of action. A lot of people came and helped cleaning the river, at least a part of it though we could not do it all in once.
With several side-stops, to collect more volunteers, we arrived one hour after departure at the venue, were government officials waited for us. After a short instruction and introduction of the head people, we separated into different groups and walked to the location where we were supposed to act. There was a lot of work to do and most of the things we wanted to collect did not come in our reach as for they were swimming in deep water. But also a lot of trash was collectable on the riverside, as there were bottles, plastic bags, cans and other things that people and the industry had thrown away. In the end we saw with a kind of weird fascination what huge amount of garbage we found.                                                        
After we ended our cleaning activity, we drove to a social education centre where we made a barbeque with all participants. Though we had a lot of students from other countries, like Vietnam, Nepal, China, Burma, Sri Lanka and Taiwan we had the chance to exchange and talk with them. It turned out to become some kind of party when somebody turned the music louder and people began to dance. It was a very relaxed atmosphere and everyone had fun. 
The day ended with a sightseeing tour for all the participants who came with buses. They drove to Nanzou-in, a temple where a very big lying Buddha stands, which is really worth seeing it. Forty minutes later we all came back to Fukuoka and went back home.



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