Flower Joint Concert Part 10

This weekend for the tenth time, the Flower Joint concert took place, a concert with multicultural and handicapped actors. Staff members and also some of the guests came by bus which started at nine o`clock in front of the Bank of Japan Building in Fukuoka, Tenjin.
After arriving in Joyo machi the staff members began to build the venue and the guests had free time to enjoy themselves in the town.
The concert began at 1:30 p.m. with the Ro Ko Kai, a group of deaf hand-drum players, whom did a great performance. Shortly after that Ms. Baba introduced and interviewed Chie, a mental disabled girl, who draws beautiful pictures.
The following singer was a Mongolian woman who, with a very powerful and beautiful voice, sang Mongolian folk songs. She also told a lot about her music and asked the audience to sing with her. The good mood she gave to the guests, was used up by Nupur Tewari the Indian dancer who already performed at the Kangetsukai in September. She danced very energetically and wild. As she ended, the Chikushino Country Herbs entered the stage, a group of blind musicians who also performed beautiful songs. As for they were the main act, they ended the event at 3:30 p.m. with the song: Kimi wa subarashii – you are wonderful. A very fitting song, as for it is the same slogan Groundwork Fukuoka uses.
These and more pictures can be seen in the photogallery titled “The Flower Joint Concert Part 10”, please enjoy!
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