The Kangetsukai

The "Kangetsukai", an allmonthly event organized by Groundwork Fukuoka started this saturday at 7p.m. at the Furosato Warabe Kan in Joyomachi.

The guests came theirself by car or in organized buses departing from Fukuoka. For a fee of 1.500\ for adults and 1.000\ for children they get a lot to eat and drink and also the possibilty to play some games. Furthermore the live act, as there were a professional Pianoplayer, a Taiko drummer group from the nearby town and an female indian dancer who performed a classical indian dancing style to modern indian music.

The Kangetsukai was opened by Mr. Otani at 7.30 p.m. with a collectively enlightening of the forehand prepared lanterns around the Furosato Warabe Kan. Thanx to a moderator who led through the whole show, everything was well organzed and well co-ordinated. First the pianoartist played some pieces of her repertoire of plays with an electric organ, followed by the Taiko-drummers. After that the indian dancer came to stage, interviewed by the moderator she introduced some basic dancing steps to the audience which where partly performed by some members of the Groundwork staff. Thereafter she started dancing on her own to a modern indian song called Hisk. This was the last part of the show therefore the audience left the Furosato Warabe Kan like as they came, in buses or their own cars.

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