The fuel cell hybrid car event

The event started at 1 p.m. with a welcome speech by Mr. Otani the head of Groundwork Fukuoka. After that the guests shared their thoughts about these cars in workshops, which were presented on posters on the walls of the centre.
From 1.40 p.m.on the workshop members had the chance to drive in these new cars. They could choose between a sports car and two landcruisers, which were wether hybrid, fuel cell or hydrogen fueled. The drivers answered their questions very detailed and told them a lot about the cars characteristics. While the amount of people was too big the second half saw in a presentation how the engine works and had also the chance to build a working model of a very important part of the motor which afterwards was tested by the presentator.
With these impressions and new thoughts about environmental friendly cars the event participants shared their thoughts again in a workshop. But now they could tell what they think about hybrid, fuel cell and hydrogen fuel cell cars. What they think about it for the future and how it was to drive in such a car. By sharing these thoughts with the rest of the participants and a closing speech Mr. Otani ended the event at 4 p.m. .
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